Sector skills: Environment

Piron Recycling are based in Faygate, Horsham and are our sector champions for the Environmental sector. In the video below they share key skills that suit the sustainability-focused sector.

About Piron Recycling

Piron Recycling is an international company with the primary aim of educating businesses about the value of their redundant technology. Our objective is to reduce the growing e-waste problem whilst getting companies money back for equipment they no longer need. Within our business, we have a wide variety of skill levels. Our team consists of apprentices that are just starting out all the way to heads of departments, which have 20+ years' experience in their field.

Piron Recycling

We are always looking for people that are passionate about what they do. Our core values are to find people which want to innovative and enjoy their roles within the company. We don’t require any specific qualifications for any of our job roles. We only ask individuals to assertive, passionate and eager to learn in their role.

Currently we are looking for people that are passionate and willing to learn/ qualified in the following fields: media, marketing, engineering, accountancy.

Here at Piron Recycling, we pride ourselves in giving everyone opportunities, that’s why we run apprenticeship programmes every year.  “Working at Piron is really fun. Every day is different, and I get to explore so many parts of the business; I am constantly learning! An insight on what it's like to work with us from  Hannah Dorey Garcia-Verona – Business & Media Apprentice

We offer a wide range of benefits including development courses, company days out, occasional office treats, free coffee and gym membership.

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